Today has not been great. Mostly self-inflicted pain if I take on a higher perspective. But my lower perspective fully blames it on someone else, lol. Notwithstanding, during my morning walk I found two things that cheered me up. A chewed up, dead butterfly I named Cecilia (ants were all over her) and an unidentified feather. I’d asked to find a feather several days ago so was pleased to have that wish granted. I named my butterfly randomly, and being me, googled the etymology of the name to find that Cecilia means ‘blind.’ This blew my mind because the pain I encountered today was a result of me not wanting to see the truth of a situation. I said earlier today, “Even the clairvoyant doesn’t wanna see sometimes.”

Anyway, chewed up Cecilia – that’s exactly where we’re at today. Ha!