“A way from within stands open to us that real inner nature of things to which we cannot penetrate from without. It is, so to speak, a subterranean passage, a secret alliance, which […] places us all at once in the fortress [of the thing-in-itself]” 


Schopenhauer, The World as Will and Representation

I am fragile and finite but believe in a way to transcend this – the way being a plumbing of the subconscious and the collective unconscious for insight.

I am an interior creature in a society that only acknowledges the external, and my work sets the stage for complex self-discovery, despite the resistance to it. 

The main goal involves listening to and understanding my inner self to consciously access it and develop a waking connection to it.

The intention is to go beyond the limits of my perception and further embrace the slipperiness of my consciousness. 

So whether putting pen to paper or head to pillow, everything I do is a means to the end of going places I dare not visit, facing situations I shied away from, and listening to the inner stirrings I thought should be suppressed.