“I Was Here”

Herein lies reimagined photos from my childhood which I’d like to point out were created way before that Atlas Sound album in case you were wondering. I basically made them because I was in a bad mood and wanted to express this pervasive feeling of alienness that I now celebrate. But Robert Bills Contemporary got the deeper meaning behind this series and graciously included them in a group show:

Karissa Lang is a writer, photographer, and conceptual artist. Her series of manipulated photographs I was here represents snap-shots of hazy memories from her own childhood in which she is the absent protagonist. Lang replaces the index of her physical body with some of the classic obscuring aesthetics of the photographic medium, namely, over-exposure and darkness. The eerie glow emanating from her face represents an inward movement associated with time-travel, as pieces of memories are reconstructed with her true sense of identity missing at the core. In other areas, her body is blacked out into a type of flattened silhouette, another indication of the gap that separates these family records from her physical body and memory.